Danny O'Barrett

I'm Danny. 18. UC Berkeley.

Sports, art, music, girls.

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Anonymous said: So sinnersleadtheway said you were one of her favorite blogs

Awh I just saw this. Bri is bae 👌


My biggest weakness is being called “princess” or “babygirl”.

failingconstellations said: ya lil shit

That’s you

failingconstellations said: good god you're so beautiful

What? Nonsense 🙈

Anonymous said: Can we just.. Can we just like talk each other to sleep every night, travel the world together, and just basically fall madly in love?

That sounds amazing 💕

queenmyr said: Hola! My followers told me I should follow you so hello. 😊👌

Haha hi there

Anonymous said: Is Danny as awesome in real life as she seems on tumblr?


Danny is probably one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. She makes it impossible to be sad around her. She cares so fucking genuinely and is so fucking smart, she could take about anything, even something fucking stupid, and I’d be interested. She’s beautiful, so fucking beautiful. Like legit the kind of beautiful that you just want to look at continuously because there really isn’t a better view. She has these beautiful brown eyes, she doesn’t like them but my god they’re gorgeous. and her smile, gah, I could do anything if I saw that smile every day. I try so hard to make her happy just for that smile. I don’t know, I don’t use perfect lightly and it’s the perfect word to describe her. She’s amazing.

(I’m a little buzzed sorry for rambling. to answer your question, she’s better in person.)

Ohhh my Jesus, Natalie. You are the sweetest person 😭 thank you so much oh my gosh that means lot. 💕